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D C H Consulting | Playground Bulling vs. Workplace Bullying: What’s the Difference?
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Playground Bulling vs. Workplace Bullying: What’s the Difference?

Playground Bulling vs. Workplace Bullying: What’s the Difference?

01:58 30 June in Career

As a student and an Elementary School Principal, I have seen and dealt with my share of playground bullies. Unfortunately, on numerous occasions, I listened to victims cry while explaining to me their experiences of verbal and/or physical abuse at the hands of a bully. It is bothersome to hear children behaving in such a manner. It is more bothersome when adults act in the same manner. Just like the playground, workplace bullying does exist. There is a victim who is the person subjected to the abusive words and/or actions of the bully. The bully who is the person who mistreats the victim through verbal abuse and/or behavior. And, the bystander who is the person(s) who directly witnessed the incident(s) between the victim and the bully.

And, workplace bullying incident can be dealt with similar to playground bullying incidents.

  • If you are a victim, speak with the bully regarding the bully’s behavior. This is most effective when the bully’s behavior is addressed immediately. Do not prolong having this conversation otherwise, the bully will assume his/her behavior is acceptable. Clearly and firmly tell the bully that his/her behavior will not be tolerated by you.
  • The victim must document incidents of bullying, which includes details of the incident, date(s) and time(s). Documentation provides a written record of the incident(s).
  • The victim can get the support of the bystander(s). There is strength in numbers.
  • If the victim feels uncomfortable approaching the bullying and/or the bully refuses to stop, the incident must be reported to Human Resources.
  • The bystander(s) has the responsibility to speak out against workplace bullying. The ideology of not wanting to get involved cannot and should not be tolerated.

Workplace bullying is alive and well. Just like the playground, we can put an end to workplace bullying if we if all take a stand.

Dorothy C. Handfield the CEO/Owner of DCH Consulting Services, LLC. As a Career Consultant/Coach, I assist highly qualified candidates get their dream job and keep it.

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