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Do what you love and loving what you do is important, if not more important, than achieving a six-figure salary. At DCH, we assist those who are currently employed with transitioning into a new career path. Taking the leap can be frightening; however, DCH provides those seeking career transition services with developing the right system necessary for the workplace.

I help people who are currently employed transition into another career path by developing communication skills for the workplace.  You will learn how to keep your job by using effective communication skills when interacting with colleagues, supervisors and/or anyone else in the workplace.  You will also learn how to select the best means to communicate your message (written, in-person and/or email) in any given situation.  

Strong leadership skills lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction. We offer interactive leadership training that cover the following:

  • Discover and understanding your personal leadership style
  • How to develop this style based on…
    • Employees
    • Direct supervisors
    • Workplace situations

Workshops are customized based on need and can be tailored to fit any size group.

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A resume is a job seeker’s sell sheet. Prospective employers receive hundreds of applications daily, so it’s important that yours stands out from the crowd. You only have thirty-seconds to impress a hiring manager – it MUST count! With our resume service, we will help you design a resume that leaves an impact on a prospective employee AND get you the interview. But that’s just the tip of iceberg… Once you land the interview, we assist with the following:

  • Appropriate research of the prospective employer
  • Crafting answers to commonly asked questions
  • Help you prepare follow-up questions for the prospective employer
  • Assist with styling and appropriate dress

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